Mumbai to Chennai - My Journey

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Born in Bombay, Made in Madras or to be Politically correct but sounding less Poetic, Born in Mumbai, Made in Chennai, from Vada Pav to Masala Vada, from Marine Drive to Marina Beach, from Bollywood to Kollywood, ok ok …. moving on.

These two cities have a lot in common, yet shores apart. Mumbai was where I was made Physically 🙂 while Chennai is the place that’s made me Emotionally. So that’s for where I am from.

After getting fed up waiting for a letter from Hogwarts, or for some magical super power to suddenly surface in me, or an adventure to come knocking at my doors, I finally decided to take reigns into my own hands and start my own adventure by pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and to put myself out there.

So after years of obsessing with the fantasy worlds of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, just to name a few, this blog is my attempt in trying to cope with the realities of life and maybe unleash the true power hiding somewhere deep inside of me 🙂

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    1. prad1521

      You can buy a .com domain on Godaddy and I have the paid plan on wordpress which allows me to use the Gema theme for free.

  1. E

    My Hogwarts letter never came too. But I guess there is still hope – Gandalf might suddenly come knocking on my door one day. Maybe if I start a blog he will. =)

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