Wailing In The Willows

Wailing through the Willows

Weather was such that a whisper of wind wailing through the willows on the wide winding road to the west end,
Was enough to blow the wasp’s nest through the window on a warm sunny weekend.

While waiting with waited breath for the wasps to come a whizzing,
Wilma whined about her wine being sweet and Wilbur walked closer with a swatter to start whacking.

Wilma voiced “What are you up to Wilbur? Why are you acting so inchoate and weird,
Stop waving your spoon like a witch or a wizard.
Work up the work station and whip me up some waffles,
And while you’re at, wash up those water bottles”.

Within wee minutes she saw wasps on the white dress she wore,
Wailing and wobbling she ran right out the wooden door.


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  1. merchantwritesagain

    This was a good poem. I don’t know if that was intentional, but I loved the way you employed words that began with ‘W’ throughout. I hope to read your future work. Also, I hope to see you over at my blog sometimes. I can always use feedback to improve my work, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the post comments on my blog.

    1. prad1521

      I was trying a WordPress assignment to create a poem using alliteration. Will definitely check out your blog shortly. Please feel free to follow my blog, to read my future posts.

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