Contradictory Attitude Towards Sex In India

Let’s Get Real About Rape – Our Contradictory Attitude Towards Sex

Everyday this week there have been reports of minors being raped,
But the one in a temple dedicated to a goddess, caused the most heart ache,
For a place where a woman is worshiped in the form of god,
Became a place where a small girl was trapped and brutally mauled.

Let’s blame porn and modern culture,
For turning our men into hungry vultures.
A woman’s body is something for men to ogle,
While women find loving and respecting their own body a daily struggle.

It wasn’t long ago that they showed in our movies,
A man chasing after a woman just to make it more groovy.
A man forcing a woman to love him was glorified,
What was scarier… it left nobody horrified.

While this culture hasn’t died down completely,
At-least sex is not depicted in the form of two flowers discreetly,
Today’s Actors and Actresses hold dharnas and protests,
And yet hesitate to open about people who forced them into a compromised state.

Why do we find it easier to stand up for other victims of Rape,
But when it comes to our own experiences we cover our mouths with Tapes.

We like to believe that rape exists far away from us,
Taking every precaution while travelling by train or by bus,
Yet 90% of the rapists that commit the crime,
Are people known to the victim for a very long time.

Oh but we have grown so much as a nation,
From blaming a woman for putting herself in this situation,
Today rape is just…. something that happens,
Like Breathing..
Like Eating..
Like Sleeping..
So don’t let your spirits dampen.

Is it that the number of Rape cases in our country has gone up,
Or its just that there are more people today who are speaking up.
The land where once Kamasutra originated,
Today we uphold traditions and laws completely outdated.

Country with the second largest population,
And over 2 million people with aids living in our nation,
Oh god why talk of sex let’s just shroud it in mist,
And deny the very reason we exist.

Giving death sentences at the fall of a judge’s Mallet will punish the offenders,
But rapes wont stop happening as long as people back molesters,
The day that rape will stop being the norm,
Will be the day when sex stops being a taboo and is discussed in all its shapes and forms.

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  1. Umesh Devidas Dunakhe

    This is a very sensitive issue. If you are sure that the temple was really used for such a horrific crime then go ahead and retain your words about it or else please do not jump to conclusions based on hearsay, for it maligns those who are innocent and empowers those who are trying to bring in disharmony for malicious reasons. Everyone wants justice but no one wants to find out the truth first. Is it rational to fan a fire in the name of religion if a crime is committed by individuals? If it is so then almost every religious place has been misused by humans till date. Then why this singular biased approach to project and malign a particular religion? Treat a crime as a crime itself after it has been proved but avoid adding religious hue to it. You are not doing any good by spreading tales around. Justice must prevail eventually on the basis of truth and steps must be taken to stop crimes and ensure safety by all means.

    1. prad1521

      Hi Umesh,
      I agree that every religion in this world has been misused by certain factions of this society. But neither does a rapist have a religion nor do they care about the identity of the victim when they are overwhelmed with the feeling of raping someone. I strongly believe that religion has got nothing to do with any of the nonsense that’s happening in this world. Religion is a person’s spiritual connect that each one has with their own god. For this reason I have been very careful not to mention any religion in particular. My point is to highlight that a place which is meant for worshipping women was where a girl was raped. While I believe justice will prevail, my focus is on the fact that we need to start admitting that there are some changes we need to do in our society to change our mindsets before we start seeing long term results.

  2. Karishma

    Very nicely written… reading this brought tears to my eyes. It’s such a sad state of affairs in our country… I really wish people will take a stand, about this situation so it gets better. And yes your right, if sex was more open and not a taboo, it will reduce no of cases.

  3. ShankySalty

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  4. Sharon Carter-Wray

    Wow! Absolutely loved this, you covered a terrible subject really well. I particularly liked the lines:
    “Why do we find it easier to stand up for other victims of Rape,
    But when it comes to our own experiences we cover our mouths with Tapes.”
    It is so true, and I think it has so inspired me. You’ve earned yourself a new follower! Sx 🙂

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