Creeping Up The Wall

Creeping Up The Wall

It was always there, just never noticed it existed before…. Walking past it everyday….

One day I happened to look up at some birds flying, when this abrupt appearance caught my eye. A massive creeper was growing on the walls of my office building.

What the F#!#!!!!! How did it get so high? How did I miss it? What type of plant is it?

I was in complete awe of this plant. Not only had it managed to grow in a place least expected, it had grown its tendrils or roots (don’t know what they were) perfectly along the gaps in between the tiles. It had no access to soil as it was so far up. Or maybe it had beautifully camouflaged one of its roots in the tile gaps, running it right into the soil.

Over the next few months…

It grew along the walls, climbing higher and higher, giving a new meaning to the term “Concrete Jungle”


Sadly It ended..

After a couple of months it had to be removed as there was a possibility of its roots damaging the building. But while it lasted, it spoke volumes about how resilient nature is. Today we have Global Warming, Pollution, Deforestation and so many more human caused problems. Tomorrow if we stop to exist, it wont take long for nature to bounce back and restore things back to how things were before we took over. Would leave no traces of our existence. Taking everything back what we took from her all these years. Without missing us for even a second!

Next time if you are stuck in life, remind yourself of the plant that could climb walls.

If that’s possible… anything is possible to achieve in life…

And if any of you out there know which plant this is, do please let me know.

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  1. Brianna Shade

    Aw, I love unexpected plants like these! It’s too bad it had to be removed. In Portland, we have giant steel trellises designed to lead vines up the side of a skyscraper. In several years, the entire building will be covered in greenery, and I love it!

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