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Mumbai My Muse

While Chennai is my home home, warm and comforting…
Any place with hills and forests is my spiritual home… Calm and Peaceful, Where I go to connect with myself and shut myself from the digital world….

Mumbai is the place which has always been my inspiration.
The place where I was born…
The Place which introduced me to this world….
The place where I took my first steps…
The place where my first dreams were born….
The Place which formed my first opinion….

Mumbai is where I feel like going when I want to feel like a kid again.. To remember the days of unrestricted laughter and cries. My last known good configuration. A place I always feel like going to before taking any big step in my life. Mumbai, the place where I spent the first 6 years of my life. A point in time before I became introverted and my confidence was at its peak. A point in time before I questioned every decision I made. For what I crave when I am stuck is the same feeling I felt back then as a kid. Free and Confident.

I am so glad to have been born in Mumbai, well technically back then it was Bombay.
A contrasting city….
With more than 100 yrs old buildings surrounded by the towering sky scrapers…
The largest slum in the world overseen by the house of the richest man in
The awesomely disciplined traffic on the roads with the ugly pan spit marks on the walls…
Where Marathi leaves its own sweet mark in the Hindi mainstream….
Where Lavani still finds its place among the Bollywood’s dance numbers…
The dreamy limelight of Bollywood movies which brings in hoards of tourists and in stark reality of the riots and multiple terrorist attacks…

It taught me to be open minded and not be so judgemental. That there is a place for everybody in this world.


To describe Mumbai in three words.. RESILIENT, INSPIRATIONAL, HOME

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  1. Ali

    It sounds like a very special place, and one I would love to visit some day. Sometimes you long for home: when I lived a long way from home it was like a bereavement. You write from the heart and I really got a sense of what Mumbai means to you. I especially liked the open-minded comment.

  2. Winta

    Everything that describes a home. In Vietnamese, there is a special word for a place so special in your heart, that a “home” doesn’t begin to describe how important it is to you- “Que Huong” – and I appreciate that you have that too.

    Here in the United States, people don’t think or feel too much about their “que huong” and so there is a huge disconnect between them and their family/home. I guess that would also be why I also feel that way, being uprooted and moved elsewhere all the time.

    Thank you for your post!!

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