My Baby Pepper

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I know it’s probably very difficult my friend
to move on from your loss,
For my Pepper’s life too had come to an abrupt end
With no illness or obvious cause.
She was perfectly fine… running around preying,
Suddenly one day she stopped eating and playing,
and no matter what we did within three days she passed away,
Oh god! She was our first pet and we miss her to this day..

People around will drive you mad,
By saying she was just a cat, why are you so sad?
I have lost many people over the years
But losing someone you’re responsible for,
Will drown you in guilt, more than just tears,
Leaving you with thousand questions and more.

As your life’s perspective becomes skewed,
You sit and do nothing but cry and brood.
Why did she come into my life if she had to go so early,
I had to find peace.. there must be a reason surely…

She had come to teach me
The most important and difficult lesson of my life,
Letting go! ……
To come to peace with things around me
Without holding grudges, feeling guilty or complaining of how much I have strived.

For the next few years I had to let go of a lot of things,
Relationships, people, my home and everything I used to cling,
Letting go of her had mentally prepared me,
To get through those tough years you see,
She had come into my life to make me emotionally more stronger
Than I ever was before…

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  1. aparna_097

    This posted reminded me of cats that we used to have in our house. As our area, was infested by stray dogs all were killed one by one. My whole family and me were really sad. I can relate to it

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