Road to Freedom

Road to Freedom

Freedom of speech?
Freedom of self expression?
Freedom from enslavement?

Since the day I was born I have lived in a free country which granted me all these rights to be free…. and yet I felt trapped….

With freedom comes a huge responsibility. Responsibility to own up to your opinions.

Responsibility to accept that others too have a right to their opinions. I neither had the guts to voice my opinion nor the strength to receive feedback from others.

I have always asked myself as to what I would have done if I was born during the time India was fighting for freedom from the British and I always saw myself actively taking part in the protest. So why was it easier for me to demand freedom for my country than for myself?

Freedom from the British was just a shift of power. The real foundation of how free India would be was established later when we had to choose the type of economy and governance we wanted to follow, write the constitution, plan the judiciary and electoral systems and most of all be accountable to the people. Now this part made me anxious. It was easier for me to state what’s right and wrong. But to say I know what’s right and wrong but I will make things right… that takes guts, a self belief that comes from feeling free that nobody but you can give yourself.

So decided to give myself the following:

Freedom to pursue my dreams
Freedom to move away from negative relationships
Freedom to be happy
Freedom to let go

All of which require outlining goals and pursuing them with dedication and discipline.

Here’s the thing I realized about freedom, to be truly free you need to have a lot of self discipline, for freedom is not a lack of rules but having the right to define your own.

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  1. Backpacking Series

    Great post! That last nugget of wisdom is what keeps us coming back to this post as a way to remind ourselves – “freedom is not a lack of rules but having the right to define your own”. This is so true for our digital nomadic lives:) Thank you 👍🏼

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