Under The Shadow

For years I longed,
For a place where I belonged,
Warm and sheltered, comforted and free,
Found it under a great big tree.

After years of shelter the tree gave way,
and its shadow began to slowly fade away.

But before the shadow had completely vanished,
Had to step out without the feeling of being banished.

Burnt by the heat and hit by rain,
Then came the memories flooding, leaving me in pain.
Wanting to runback into the comfort of the shadow,
Unsure of my future, I even seeked tarot.

After some time out in the open,
Slowly started to heal and mend what’s broken.
Heat turned to warmth and rain to showers,
I started to enjoy my new found powers.

There I stood once again reborn,
This was just the beginning of a new day’s dawn,
Looking back at the tree’s shadow, nowhere was it found,
Searched for it high and low and then I turned around,
For there it was once again,
Strong and sturdy as if nothing had changed,
But this time the shadow was not of the tree,
It was my own, the shadow was of me….

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  1. Joan Cajic

    Su aa beautiful piece, shows one can grow and have the strength they thought they can never have not knowing it’s always been in them all you have to do is find and discover it.

  2. Francisca Garreton

    I love to read your poeams. It takes courage to put yourself out there and share your deepest feelings. Beautiful work!

  3. Joanna

    Very beautiful poem, you do have a way with words and made me read it all the way till the end, to find out what happened with the shadow. Interesting how it was yours all along.

  4. Tom Burton

    Beautifully written!
    If you like, I was going to link to your blog in my next Solidarity Blogger Award. There’s no need to nominate other bloggers if you’d prefer not to, but would you like your blog to get mentioned so new readers could check it out?

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