To Be Or Not To Be

Be Yourself! Be Yourself! That’s what I tell myself all the time. Don’t change yourself to just fit in.

That’s true for most part….. But sometimes it helps to blend in.
For example when you travel to a different place. If you are too rigid about who you are, you will lose out on a whole world of new experiences.

If instead you just open yourself up a bit and appreciate the different culture, the people and everything around, you will find more people who you relate with in the most unexpected places. You will find stories more captivating than any book or movie you have ever read or seen. Stories that will make you cry. Stories that will inspire. By the end of it you would have discovered more than just the new place. You would have discovered something about yourself.

Here’s the thing, being open is not about changing who you are. It’s when you are so comfortable with who you are that you don’t feel threatened, influenced or brain washed by others. You are not doing something to please someone, but to put them at ease, so that they too open up a bit.

Water will still be water even as the landscape around it changes it from a calm serene lake to mighty falls and rapids, flowing as a stream or as a mighty river. Eventually meeting the salty waters of the deep oceans and seas. Water will still be water but with a little a bit of something from all the places it’s been through.

No matter how much we wish the world to be exactly like how we want it to be, the truth is that, sometimes to change the world we need to except it for what it is.

Your experiences may define you, but just like the water which slowly but steadily redefines its landscape, you too can define your experiences by letting other people in and adding their experiences to your own.

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  1. Kislaya

    Wow! Loved the way you elucidated. The comparison of who we are with the nature of water is superb. You are right that when we are comfortable with who we are then we do not feel threatened! Wonderful…

  2. Kristen

    I love your perspective! I think often times we have expectations of things and people, which can leave us disappointed. If instead we have an open mind we create the opportunity for growth!

  3. successunscrambled

    Embracing aspects of a new culture when traveling is all part of the fun. Trying new foods and hobbies while there would help us to see life from their perspective.

  4. Summer Mitch Ryan

    I truly believe that we have to me ourselves for others to appreciate us. However on the other hand, being oneself does not mean being insensible of others. After all we are in a society, we must learn to mingling with others without getting ourselves lost in the myriad of culture.

  5. Chizo Ezem

    i have learnt to try to use my expreinces for good no matter what they are , this just makes me see i am on the right track

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