She had dreams of friendships like those in the friends serial
She had dreams of romance like DDLJ
Those were her only dreams

What she had was a marriage she had worked hard on
Friends who were working on their own lives, just a call away
A challenging job that she looked forward to everyday
Her family’s unconditional support like she never had before

It wasn’t what she had dreamt as a kid
She had to remind herself to see the love around her
This is what it’s like when life goes on after the dreams
For life gives you what you need not what you want
It was time for her to see that’s she’s happy
And dream the bigger dreams

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  1. The Saltbox ZA

    This is incredibly deep and definitely goes into the raw emotions one feels when they are battling between depression, love and just everyday dreaming. The words of poetry can mean something different depending on who reads it.

  2. Joanna

    Those are nice dreams and aspirations and if she dreams about them then she should start working on turning them into reality.

  3. Kiwi

    What a bittersweet but realistic poem. It also lets you know you can still dream even if your idea of dreaming wasnt what you imagined, it can be bigger.

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