Beauty in being Imperfect

Imperfect Beauty

I had always been a person,
Who when lacked in perfection,
Was in dismay,
And grouchy for days,
With no space for mistakes or revisions.

One small thing out of place,
Made me feel completely disgraced,
Trying to perfect,
More things got wrecked,
No matter what, just couldn’t erase.

Until one day when I went about oil painting,
A scene at dawn which seemed very fascinating,
Tall dark mountains and orange sky,
Waves of the sea rolling by,
And streaks of light, which seemed a bit daunting.

Once completed while keeping it aside to dry,
Without warning I tripped and fell with no time to rectify,
For there it glint,
Streaks of light with my fingerprint,
After 3 days of painting there was nothing left but to cry.

Unpacked my paints to patch up my fingerprint,
To ensure it’s hidden without a trace or hint,
But the more I stared,
It looked like lens flare,
It added a depth, a flaw it wasn’t.

Ever since that day I have started enjoying,
Doing what I feel rather than perfecting something,
Giving it my best,
And leaving the rest,
For perfection doesn’t come close to being happy and relaxing.


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  1. tisha

    Perfectionism is this lure that once I arrive at this perfect place then all will be well. Thing is that arrival never happens because life doesn’t work that way. Happy that you’ve found away to enjoy life and be content. I’m on the journey as well!

  2. AnythingRad.Com

    I love how this is well-written! That is certainly true. perfection is sometimes even not the reality. There’s so many aspect of beauty that will not be described by physicial attributes, but more on what is deeply inside.

  3. itscarlidarlin

    I love this. We should not hold ourselves to perfect standards. One of my favorite quotes is “Perfection is not attainable. but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” I think we should give things our best effort and be perfectly ok with the fact that we are not perfect.

  4. Becca Wilson

    I absolutely love this poem because perfection is not all it’s cracked up to be. I really love when people are raw and real.

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