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There are two sides of me, much like my doppelganger. The confident, driven, optimistic side and the nervous, introverted, shy and anxious side. There are very few people who get to see my both sides and even fewer who recognize it. Its annoying sometimes when people say “oh you wont understand my struggles”… I am just left there smiling to myself saying REALLY!! I wrote this poem a few years ago at I point when I was feeling really frustrated with someone close.

Everyone thinks I was born this way,
Confident and looking forward for the next day.
Self doubts, self loathing, self pity and shame,
All these and more spelt my name.

I was born more perfect than I am today,
Somewhere along I lost my way,
Had to earn everything from my name to a smile,
A stitch at a time, trying not to crumble into a pile.

Yet you think its come to me easy,
Even though every decision has made me feel queasy.
I just wish you would understand what I feel,
Do you want me to fail to believe its real,
And even if I do you will see it as my weakness and not my strength,
Even if I tell you what I have gone through in length.

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  1. Ragazza Triste

    Wow. Very well written poem. The emotions are raw and I can feel the sincerity. I actually can relate to this kind of writing. Great job. By the way, can you please try to follow my blog page, if you don’t mind. I would love to connect with you. 🙂

  2. crushedcaramel

    Would you be happy if I nominated you for the three day three quote challenge?
    I have recently been nominated. For the next three days I have three posts to publish inspired by quotes that have influenced me.
    The challenge states that you have to nominate three other bloggers for the challenge each day – nine in total. I have nominated three bloggers in my first two posts. Could I nominate you on Day Three which I will publish on Tuesday? Would you be happy for me to do that?

  3. Stephen T

    Can relate. My lot and career in life has been to be the one who is there to help others through. But then no-one asks nor realises that you may need their strength sometimes. Really nice verse

  4. atara403808400

    Truth spoken! We can only see the smiles people show but we do not know the pain behind their smile. We can never judge how much a person has gone through as we can only see or hear but they FACE it all. Great post!

  5. frothywinter

    “I was born more perfect than I am today,
    Somewhere along I lost my way”
    Best lines ever👌
    You said you wrote this poem out of frustration. Maybe it just goes to prove the fact how much the emotions we feel inside really help in bringing out such relatable and meaningful works.
    Wonderful attempt btw

  6. sirkevinshistoricfacts

    A poem that haunts the soul inside me. Touches the corners of my mind. Cries to my sense of passion. It tells me all about life and some of you. We are not islands but empires we are human and we are Gods children.Thank you so much for both the feeling and the fact you gave time to read my blog.

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