Faceless Face

Faceless Face

It’s easy fostering fears than face the facts,
Reasoning out reasons as to why you retract.

Fighting forever to put up firewalls, rather than interact,
Reassessing your responses, scared how others will react.

Needing to be nameless behind the scenes,
Hiding behind others and then say that they are mean.

For what you are scared of is not the world,
But the faceless face staring back from the mirror, waiting to be unfurled.

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  1. Forestwood

    Well written poem for the A and I Poetry Challenge. Love the alliteration and excellent use of rhyme. It is a good idea to add the link to this poetry challenge on your post, so others can join in too if they wish. Thanks for participating!

  2. She

    Hi, I found you on community pool,nice to meet you 🙂

    This is very well written, you have used alliteration to great effect, clearly you are very talented. A lovely post, and powerful. Nicely done!

  3. N.S. Dezelich

    Beautiful poem. I write as well. However, haven’t post just yet, because I’m new to WordPress and still trying to put my blog together.

    Keep it up! Very interesting blog!

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