Mentoring My Dreams a poem

Mentoring My Dreams

Sometimes I feel trapped between my past and my future,
As life passes by with wounds still left un-sutured,
I am neither living my life nor am I dead,
As fear and panic take over my body with dread,
All dreams seem lost and too far to achieve,
There’s nothing else to do but sob and grieve,
Whatever I have achieved so far in life seems so bleak,
Keeping it all to myself as I feel there’s no one to speak.

It’s not that I lack in purpose or a dream… I am just scared,
To come out of my comfort zone even if I am unprepared,
Fear is the friction between who I am and who I want to be,
Taking the first step is the most difficult even though I know I will eventually feel free,
For then when I look around and see,
A lot of people struggling to mentor their dreams just like me.

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  1. Lily B

    Stepping out of your comfort zone spoke volume as sometimes that may be the only reason we don’t do certain things.
    Do visit as I wrote a few poems and would like some feedback, also do follow and share.

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