Lines that Define Life

Lines That Define Life – All Time Favourite

It’s almost the peak of summer here in Chennai and traveling to work daily in this smouldering heat takes it’s toll. As my wardrobe shifts from elaborate ensembles to just something that’s comfortable, the half an hour train commute seems longer than usual.

Some days I give in to the temptation to take a cab. But booking an Uber or Ola on a daily basis turns out way too expensive and booking a share cab means I get to see the entire town before I get to my office 😝. Its a choice between comfort and saving up on time & money, as going by train saves me one hour daily and at-least a hundred bucks minimum. Yet it still involves taking a cab or bus to the station from my home, then the train and then another cab or bus from the station to my office. On a hot humid day the traveling really gets to me. What frustrates me more is when I try to book a cab directly to office, multiple drivers cancel out on me and I am left with no other option but to brave the heat.

On one such day when the heat got to me and I was in a rush to get to catch my cab from the station to my office… My mind was on one thing … to put the ac on full blast, with me standing in front of it posing like the famous Titanic scene… When suddenly out of nowhere this loud horn of a train bellowing down shook me back to reality. When I looked down from the overhead bridge the sight I saw was beautiful. The bellowing train from out of town honking its way through the station and in stark contrast the local train arriving slowly to its left.

I have always had a thing for roads and railway tracks vanishing into the horizon, for something about them is very profound. Like they visually represent life

And so there I was taking a shot of this awesome scene, with a few eyes on me wondering what I was up to…

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