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My 3 Most Favourite Inspirational Quotes…Three Days , Three Quotes Challenge

This week I got the opportunity to share my favourite 3 inspirational quotes as a part of the Three Days , Three Quotes Challenge!

These quotes have inspired me and helped me make sense of my life. Here is a compilation of all three….

Day 1:

Quote of the day

“The Most Significant Thing About The Lunar Landing Was Not That Men Set foot On The Moon, But That They Set Eyes On The Earth

The quote that reminds me everyday to not just focus on the goal, but see what changes it has brought within me during the journey of achieving it. Read More in detail ….

Day 2


“People Are Never More Insecure Than When They Become Obsessed With Their Fears At The Expense Of Their Dreams”

A quote that helped me figure out that my panic attacks were triggered by me focusing more on my fears than on what I wanted to achieve… My Dreams… and that “Panic attacks are just a tussle between who I am and who I want to be” Read More in detail ….

Day 3


“Life Is 10% What Happens To Us And 90% How We React To It”

This Quote reminds me everyday to not blame my situation or what’s happening around me. It’s all about taking charge of my life rather than just drifting along fearing what’s up ahead! Read More in detail

Share some of your most inspiring quotes in the comments below. I would love to hear them!

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  1. sirkevinshistoricfacts

    Thank you for reading my articles.i read yours too .Very good but are we even certain that man left earth at all only as Yuri Gagarin told us we cannot not climb out of earths orbit only circle it in space. Seems ironic to say the least that just a year later man landed on the moon. With rockets not a hope with centra fugal force maybe one day we will leave earth behind us. Just my thoughts based on observations.

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