Krishna's Butter Ball - Balancing Rock

The Balancing Rock

The Krishna’s Butter Ball, nestled among the archaic ruins at Mahabalipuram, really twists and bends all the laws of physics. Well at-least it looks like it. And while there have been many assumptions on how its been balancing like this for centuries, from gods to aliens, physics would simply justify it by saying its a ventifact caused by wind erosion and that its center of gravity is such that…..

The truth is that this boulder 6 meters high and 5 meters wide, weighing around 250 tons, standing on a very slippery slope. Its been this way for the last 1200 years.

Many kings in the past have tried to move this piece of wonder, but to no avail. Due to safety concerns, an attempt was even made in the early 1900’s to move the boulder from its position by using 7 elephants, but with no success.

It’s original name, Vaan Irai Kal in Tamil means “Stone of Sky God”


Well however it might have come into being it reflects on a very important aspect in life…

You can be as solid as a rock but you need to get your balance in life as well.

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  1. sheetalbravon

    Your post took me to the time I visited Mahabalipuram and how utterly fascinated I was with the name Butterball for such a magnificent rock. Plus the place was even more memorable for the Shore Temple and the Rathas; I had studied them, many moons ago, for my History exam.

    1. prad1521

      Yes it is. Also If you like seafood you get some awesome stuff there. We sometimes drive down to mahabalipuram just for it.

  2. sirkevinshistoricfacts

    thank you for reading my articles and i do so hope you will stay a reader of my blog. I did enjoy your last rock comment we can all be as hard as rock but balance is needed in life.Cannot agree more with your thought there. Sir Kevin.

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